Alyson Haydar

Team Coordinator & Project Manager

Alyson Haydar is a highly accomplished realtor with a strong background in both interior design and real estate. Coming from a family of real estate professionals, Alyson was immersed in her mother's real estate pursuits throughout her childhood, which laid a solid foundation for her career.

After spending fifteen years in the interior design industry, specializing in kitchen design and managing accounts for a prominent cabinet manufacturer, Alyson seamlessly combined her design, business, and marketing talents to forge a successful path in real estate. In just four years, she has earned numerous industry awards, showcasing her exceptional skills and dedication.

Known for her attention to detail and excellent communication abilities, Alyson takes pride in helping others within her community and establishing lasting relationships. She initially joined Team Haydar as a Team Coordinator, responsible for client care, and quickly became an integral team member. Over time, she has expanded her areas of expertise, now specializing in luxury, rural, estate, and residential real estate in the Milton and Halton Hills areas. Alyson also possesses valuable experience in investing and residential rental properties, offering clients an elite and confident perspective on their real estate portfolios.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Alyson is a dedicated mother of three and actively engages in community activities. You can often find her, along with her family, participating in local family events, visiting nearby shops and restaurants, and enjoying outdoor activities such as skiing or exploring mountain biking trails. Alyson's passion for the outdoors aligns perfectly with the beautiful surroundings of Escarpment Country, where she lives and works.

Additionally, Alyson has contributed her time and efforts as a volunteer for The Townsend-Smith Foundation, Is the Founder of Rock The Runway, a charity fashion show to benefit the building of a new palliative hospice home for Milton and Halton Hills. She spent many years a an important volunteer at the local Milton BMX race track coordinating concession food and drink sales to raise funds for the non-profit organization.

Alyson is thrilled to have transitioned from the design world to real estate with The Haydar Team and looks forward to leveraging her skills and expertise to provide exceptional service to clients.